Manufacturing Hub sets its sights on replacing support gap left by MAS

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A new business support collective has been launched today to help manufacturers unlock their potential and grow.

The Manufacturing Hub – comprising Alison Phillips, Rachel Eade (MBE), PP Business Improvement, Cucumber PR and Start 2 Finish Marketing – is looking to replace the void left by the sudden termination of the Manufacturing Advisory Service contract.

All firms have extensive experience of working with UK industry and can offer access to specialised assistance in lean manufacturing, strategy, continuous improvement, sales and marketing and communications.

They also have contacts and extensive knowledge of the maze of funding opportunities available to companies in the UK.

“When the Government decided to end MAS unexpectedly it left a massive gap for business support that understood what manufacturers needed and how it should be delivered,” explained Rachel, who has worked with the automotive sector for more than 20 years.

“A lot of the firms I was talking to were worried that the general offer wouldn’t do anything for them so I decided to speak to a few colleagues to look at a way of creating a collective of experts that could fill the gap.”

She continued: “The Manufacturing Hub ( will fill the void, providing a single source solution for manufacturers looking to access external expertise to improve production processes, plan for growth, target more sales and raise their profile.

“The organisations and individuals involved understand what makes the sector tick, stripping back the support jargon and getting to grips with the challenges and opportunities affecting your business.”

Companies accessing the Manufacturing Hub can use one, two or all five members to help their business, with one point of contact managing all of the delivery to ensure an effective and coordinated approach.

Between them, the collective have helped more than 700 firms over the last five years, safeguarding and creating in excess of 25,000 jobs in the process.

They have also been able to improve productivity, add £millions to the bottom line of manufacturers and secured in excess of £10m of positive press coverage for the sector.

David Fox, Director PP Business Improvement, concluded: “External support is crucial to the development of the UK manufacturing base and can often unpick a long-term issue or open up new opportunities.

“The Government subsidies may have stopped, but that doesn’t mean industry shouldn’t have access to expertise that is geared to their sector.

“In our experience, manufacturers do not mind funding assistance and knowledge if they trust it will deliver long-term tangible benefits. The Manufacturing Hub is the new option on the business support scene.”

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