MAN members partner up to tap into £5m of opportunities


The Manufacturing Assembly Network is targeting over £5m of new contracts with the launch of a new cluster to tap into the demand from larger companies for strategic outsourcing.

Mec Com, PP Control & Automation and SMT Developments have joined forces to give original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) the chance to access fabrication, electronic and electrical assembly services through a single source.

It comes after the trio saw a 25% increase in the number of outsourcing ‘wins’ secured over the last twelve months and will provide a new dedicated resource for clients looking to outsource non-core activity, whilst investing more resource on critical manufacturing operations.

By sharing its resource, knowledge and expertise, the cluster promises to reduce customer lead times, increase capacity and reduce overall production costs.

“Every year we set out a 12-month strategy for growing the MAN Group and this time we decided to focus on splitting into clusters to target specific customer groups,” explained John Rowley, managing director of electronics manufacturing specialist SMT Developments.

“The first cluster that immediately leapt out was providing outsourcing solutions to OEMs, something we were doing individually and occasionally together. There is definitely a trend towards the more progressive firms looking to recognise non-core activities within their business and identify supply chain partners that have greater expertise.”

He went on to add: “The benefits are many, including stock and work in progress reductions, greater production flexibility and eliminating the need for scarce and costly skilled sub-contract labour. However, the main driver is reduction in production and sales lead times for our customers, this is a common theme across all sectors.”

MAN will make the most of this new cluster by embarking on a six-month marketing campaign to target potential customers in automotive, food processing, machine tools, packaging and the energy sectors.

Richard Bunce, Managing Director of fabrication experts Mec Com, continued: “A lot of people offer outsourcing, but very few can offer a single source to fabrication, electronics and electrical assembly. That’s what makes this different.

“We have worked on numerous contracts together and understand the way each firm works. For the customer, you just get one lead member who controls the complete interaction. The feedback has been great.”

He concluded: “Better still, we can then call upon the expertise of an engineering design consultancy and five other sub-contract manufacturers offering casting, CNC machining, forging, injection moulding, pressing and stamping.

“Customers already benefiting from the MAN difference include a leading aerospace technology provider, a specialist in screen printing and a fruit labelling expert. All are best in class and adopting the ‘outsourcing’ approach to growth.”

Full credit to: Engineering Capacity

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